Fåglar på Öland månad för månad

Month by month

20 fågellokaler på Öland

20 birding locations

Rovfåglar på Öland

Birds of prey

Sällsynta fåglar på Öland

The rarities

Fåglar på Öland

The Birds Island Öland

Not only do we have three airports on the island, most of the migratory birds have chosen Öland for the place to stop over, on their way north or south. Here you can view a unique variety of species.

Öland - fågelskådarnas paradis

Öland, birders paradise!

On Öland there are migratory birds all the year round. Oland is a natural resting place, whether you fly East/West or North/South. We will now build up a separate area for bird watching, when, where and witch birds you can find here. Öland is unique, there are few places in the world where you can see so many species as here.