Öland has a lot to offer!

This has the German film company Bavaria discovered when they chose Öland as the setting for their Inga Lindström programs. These TV programs are well-known for its wonderful landscapes, and have previously been recorded further up in the country. But as I said, now they have moved the recordings to Öland.

Inga-Lindström-på-stranden Öland Bavaria film© ZDF/Bavaria Fernsehproduktion/Marco Meenen
Inga-Lindström-Cykel-på-väg Öland Bavaria film© ZDF/Bavaria Fernsehproduktion/Marco Meenen

And with Öland as the set there is no need to embellish, Öland’s just as beautiful as it is reflected in the section: “Sterne über Öland” (Stars over Öland) broadcast on German television a while ago.

Inga-Lindström-inpelning-på-stranden Öland Bavaria film© ZDF/Bavaria Fernsehproduktion/Marco Meenen
Inga-Lindström-raukar-och-havet Öland Bavaria film© ZDF/Bavaria Fernsehproduktion/Marco Meenen

The section that was filmed on the Öland in the spring of 2015 called “Leg Dich nicht mit Lilli an” (Don’t start to mess with Lilli) can you see on the German television station ZDF on December 27th 2015.


But the beautiful and unique landscape of Öland is not the only reason to travel here!

Here you can experience the history, dive, play golf, ride a bike or why not spend the day with a book at the beach. The Culture with museums, numerous galleries (yes, Oland is the artists’ island too) and music events. The accommodations are many, from luxurious to more simple, and everything in between, here is always  a place for everyone.

Then there is the food, grown and refined on Öland, well worth is own chapter and evolves constantly, taste and enjoy the food at one of Öland’s many restaurants and cafes.

Inga-Lindström-gäss-och-skådare Öland Bavaria Film

Inga-Lindström-bjärby-brygga Öland Bavaria film

Inga-Lindström-cyklister Öland Bavaria film

Inga-Lindström-dykare Öland Bavaria film

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Inga-Lindström-Staket-vid-havet Öland

Inga-Lindström-Kvarn Öland

Inga-Lindström-Aleklinta Öland Bavaria film

Inga-Lindström-solnedgång Öland