Böda skogsjärnväg (forest railway)

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Address: Trollskogsvägen 20, 380 75 Byxelkrok, Sverige
Phone: 0485-241 40, 070-363 8349
Hemsida: Böda skogsjärnväg (forest railway)
Location: Northern Öland
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The railway

The new technique of rail transport made its foray into Boda Kronopark when Domänverket built the forest railway in the years 1908-1909. The total track length was 27 km and the gauge only 600 mm. Initially horses were used as thrust. In 1910, Domänverket acquired the steam locomotive “MORMOR” (Grandma on mother’s side) and 1928 the steam locomotive “FARMOR” (Grandma on father’s side).

After World War II, the motoring got its breakthrough and the railroad was definitely closed in 1959.

Association Böda Skogsjärnväg (Forest Railway) was formed July 21, 1974 with the intention to rebuild and operate appropriate subsections of the disused railway and to preserve objects and run locomotives and wagons from the old forest railway era 1908-1959. In 1978 they were able to operate a small fraction of that distance.

In 1991 the work to extend the tracks from “Tomtskog” and north began, and with the help of enthusiastic members and the forest companies Domän, ASSI-Domän, to day Svea Skog, the track reached Trollskogen, where it was inaugurated the 21 July 1994 by the Mayor of Borgholm.


Traffic on the railway

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Naturum in Trollskogen

Take the train to Naturum in Trollskogen.

At Naturum in Trollskogen is it always something going on. Naturum have a long open season and activities for both young and old. This year, children can accompany Morris Mård (Marten) on an expedition around the exhibitions.