Borgholms Castle

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Address: Sollidenvägen 5, 387 94 Borgholm, Sverige
Phone: 0485-12333
Hemsida: Borgholms Castle
Location: Central Öland
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900 years of Swedish history

Borgholm Castle “Nordic finest ruin” is a structure that hardly leaves any visitor indifferent. Its size is overwhelming and situated in a fascinating surrounding. Seldom have nature and architecture merged into an entity such as this and this unit was only further highlighted when the castle in 1806 was ravaged by a huge fire and the only thing left was the naked limestone walls of all the former glory.

Borgholm Castle today is the ruins of the magnificent Baroque palace that King Karl X Gustav built here in the middle of the 17th century. He is the only one of Sweden’s kings who lived coherent long periods of time at the castle.

Today Borgholm Castle is one of the region’s largest tourist destination, and gives us in a unique way a tour of the Swedish, Nordic and European history, spanning over 900 years! Borgholm Castle is part of our common cultural heritage and managed by the National Property Board.

Borgholm Castle is a living museum, combining history with the present. The castle mixes permanent exhibits about the castle’s history with art exhibitions, children’s activities, guided tours and concerts. At the Castle new exhibitions and concerts is constantly presented, creating an interesting and exiting environment.


The history of Borgholm Castle.

The castle’s fascinating history is exhibited at the museum wing at Borgholm Castle, here you can see findings from excavations of the castle, and models of how the castle looked like during different time periods.


Children’s Castle

Borgholm Castle has many activities for children.


Child and family tours

June 25th to August 8th 2018, daily at 11 am and 2 pm.


Castle Workshop

June 25th to August 8th 2018, daily at 11:30 am to 5 pm

Learn how to shoot archery, paint your own coat of arms, bake bread, make your own candles and riding on the castle horse “Rolle”.


Knight school for children

June 25th to August 8th 2018 daily at 12 noon and 3 pm

Duchess Ingeborg greet all children (4-12 years) welcome to the knight school at Borgholm Castle.

Knight School will take about 45-60 minutes, depending on how many to be dubbed a knight.


Castle shop

The entrance building at Borgholm Castle is a castle shop. Here you pay the entrance to the castle and can buy books, postcards, toys, gifts and other pleasant memories of your visit. The castle shop also sells tickets for some concerts, ice cream, candy and soda.


Guided tours 2018

Borgholm Castle history – guidance

guidance is included in the entrance

June 25th to July 1st daily at 12 noon.

July 2nd to August 13th daily at 12 noon and 3 pm.

August 13th to 19th daily at 12 noon.


Child and Family tours

guidance is included in the entrance

June 25th to August 8th daily at 11 am and 2 pm


Guided tours for groups

Learn more about Öland and Borgholm Castle history. Guided tours for groups by appointment. The tour can be customized according to your wishes at no extra cost.


Admission and Hours 2018:

Adults: SEK 95

Adolescents: 12-17 years, SEK 60

Children under 12: Free, accompanied by an adult

April and September 1st to 26th open 10 am to 4 pm

May, June, July and August 10 am to 6 pm


Borgholm Castle is handicap certified.

Dogs are welcome to Borgholm Castle.