Eketorps Fortress

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Address: Eketorps fornborg, 380 65 Degerhamn, Sverige
Phone: 0485-66 20 00
E-mail: info@eketorp.se
Hemsida: Eketorps Fortress
Location: Southern Öland
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The Fortress

Eketorp fortress is a completely excavated ancient fortress where the wall and the houses have been rebuilt directly on the ancient ruins.

The archaeological excavations, carried out between 1964-1973, showed that Eketorp held three settlement phases, two in the Iron Age, and one during the Middle Ages.

Eketorp I, 300-400 A.C.

Eketorp II, 400-650 A.C.

Eketorp III, 1170-1240 A.C.

The well in the center of the courtyard, highlighted by Linné June 8, 1741, has been there since the oldest period, and is still giving water. At the Museum you can see a selection of the huge amount (about 26 000) of objects that were found in the excavations.

Welcome into the houses and workshops, look and try on different objects used for crafts and households. Domestic animals roam around and people in clothes from the time do various jobs to help make history come alive.



Eketorp fortress is an open and living museum, here you can try different activities from ancient times. See and experience how people lived in the past.

Both children and adults can during the summer season try a variety of activities that are both fun and educational, such as archery, king riding, various crafts, medieval games, bread baking, and more. If you are interested in nature and culture, then you will get your fill of it in the fortress interesting history, archeology and the fauna on the “Alvar” (the unique and typical moor on Öland)


Guided tour of the fortress 45 min

Summer Season, June 22th to August 16th, daily

Time: 11:15 am, 1:15 pm, 2:15 pm (in English) and 3:15 pm

All castle tours start at the south gate.

Tours included in the entrance fee.


Shop and cafe

We have a wide selection of crafts, glass and ceramics and giftware. We also offer jewelry by Swedish designers, gift, patterns and stuff for kids as well as literature on archeology, history and Öland.

The shop serves coffee, tea and different kinds of cakes. We also sell ice cream and candy


Admission and Hours

Opening Hours 2015

June 22th to August 16th, 10:30 am to 6 pm

Adult: SEK 120

Children and Adolescents (6-19 years): SEK 80

Children under 6 years: Free admission