Gårdby Church

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Address: GÅRDBY 320, 386 92 Färjestaden, Sverige
Location: Southern Öland
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Church environment

Gårdby church and cemetery is located where the road which runs along the eastern side of Öland from Föra in the north to Ottenby in the south, meets one of the roads to Törnbotten and Färjestaden.

Here has a small community of detached houses emerged. In the community were earlier service functions as the country shop, railway station, telegraph station and smaller workshops. Today, most of it is gone, but still left is the school.

In Gårdby is also Eksgården with restaurant and conference facilities, and east of the church is the parish hall.


The Church

It is not known when the first stone church in Gårdby was built, but in the 13th century there was a church building in the Romanesque style. The church had a nave, chancel and apse. The tower must have been one of the most powerful on Öland with base dimensions of 9×10 meters.

In the early 19th century a proposal to build a common church for Gårdby and Sandby parishes was raised. The proposal was not accepted and instead a new church for each of the parishes was built.

In Gårdby, was the walls of the medieval church partially used in the new church building and the work were finished in 1841. The Architects were T Edberg and N I Löfgren and builder Peter Icebergs from Algutsrum.

The Church Interior and exterior is characterized of classicist stylistic features. The Church has been renovated several times, last time in 1989.


Memorial grove

The memorial grove is located in the southern part of the area A. It is open to the north and shielded in the south by a thuja hedge.

The memorial grove is marked by a wooden cross, and around it is a flower bed bordered with limestone. There is also a rack for vases. In both ends of the thuja hedge stands bird bath made of stone.



To the east of the cemetery stands a building that houses storage room and workshop. It has white painted concrete walls and gable truss in red painted standing panel, tiled roofing and carpentry in white.



Tombstones that have been removed from the cemetery are placed along the cemetery wall in the south. A small collection also stands along the wall south of the entrance to the east.


Source: Kalmar Läns Museum, Kalmar County Museum

Translation: Visitoland.com