Glabo Gokart

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Address: Glabogatan, Glabo
Phone: 070-2512711
Hemsida: Glabo Gokart
Location: Northern Öland
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 Welcome to Glabo gokart.


Glabo gokart has the biggest kart course on Öland. You find them between Löttorp and Böda on northern Öland.

The karts are Rimo go-karts with an engine of 270 cc, same as Ralf Shumacher uses on his course in Germany, both good acceleration and top speed, and the track is newly paved in 2012 so it is smooth and fine, all for the experience to be as perfect as possible.


We have go-karts for all ages.

Big go-karts, children’s go-karts, 2-person go-karts where both control the steering wheel, but only one manages throttle and brake, great option for the disabled and for small children who can not or dare drive themselves and then electric cars for the youngest.

Lap times on a display mounted on the steering wheel, makes driving much more fun, you get the current time displayed and your fastest lap saved.

Here the whole family will have a fun and exciting day.


Opening Hours 2021

May 8th                         11 am-3 pm

May 13-15                      11 am-3 pm

May 22nd                      11 am-3 pm

May 29th                       11 am-3 pm

June 5th                         11 am-3 pm

June 14-21                     11 am-3 pm

June 22-25                    11 am-5 pm

June 26-30                    11 am-6 pm

July 1-31                         10 am-7 pm

August 1-6                     10 am-7 pm

August 7-15                   10 am-5 pm

August 15-21                 11 am-3 pm