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Address: Svältergatan 36, 380 75 Byxelkrok
Phone: 0485-281 60, 0705-33 78 66
E-mail: info@longislanddivers.com
Hemsida: Long Island Divers
Location: Northern Öland
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Öland as diving area

Around Northern Öland are the best waters for diving to be found in the Swedish part of the Baltic Sea. Light sandy bottom and good water circulation provides very good visibility for Swedish conditions. Northern Öland has one for Scandinavia stable and fine weather in the summer, contributing to many fine days of diving, with light winds and small swell. The season often extends right up to October’s clear autumn days. This is also when the water are the clearest.

Diving school on Öland

At our diving school, we train many students every summer in the art of safe diving. Our instructors will lead students in stages from basic training to the most qualified education. We work with both NAUI and CMAS and educate our students according to these organizations standards.

Many of our students combine their vacation with acquiring basic diving skill, or to upgrade their qualifications to a higher level of expertise. The training ends with an exciting dive at one of the many wrecks around Öland or beautiful nature dive at “Blå Jungfrun” (the famous Rock Island in the Kalmar strait) where we dive at the “sunken cathedral”

We try to adapt our courses to make it easy to participate, this means that we organize courses at short notice when interested is at hand.

Education at our courses leads to NAUI diving certificate, approved worldwide.


Dive sites and Diving trips

With modern marine technology aboard the diving ship Midland, have we in recent years found a series of sunken treasures. Most are located at depths we can reach with conventional diving equipment, but some require advanced equipment and qualified diver training. Our wreck catalog is a story of 400 years of naval war and shipwrecks. We’d love to show these treasures for other divers, but we are very careful that marine archaeological sites not are looted or torn down.

In our list of dive sites are some 20 permanent locations, including sunken ships, submarines, barges, aircraft, and various sites of marine biological interest.

We also arrange underwater adventures for diving clubs and other groups. Exciting treasure hunts and other adventures, at our beautiful dive sites, which do not contain fiery moments that could jeopardize the safety of diving.

Bad weather?

Safety is most important for us. This means that we do not go out when the weather conditions are not completely safe. Generally at, wind speed over 7 m/s, large swells, poor visibility or at high risk for sudden weather changes, we can come to cancel or postpone the planned dive excursion.

Decisions about go/no go is based on SMHI’s weather forecast and the Marine weather forecast area map – SMHI at 1 pm, the day before the planned excursion. If the weather situation is doubtful, we can make a later decision, if it is possible for our participants.

Paid money can then be either refunded or remain with us for a jaunt later.



Filling of bottles with air and nitrox and hiring of extra bottles in our dive shop