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Address: OTTENBY 403, 380 65 Degerhamn, Sweden
Phone: 0485-66 12 00, 0730-58 23 77
Hemsida: Naturum, Ottenby
Location: Southern Öland
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Naturum – visitor centres in nature

A naturum is a visitor centre with activities and exhibitions, located in connection with several of Sweden’s national parks and nature reserves. Here, you will be welcomed by friendly, knowledgeable staff that will answer your questions and guide you through the area’s interesting sights.

The nature experience starts at naturum

At naturum, you can learn almost everything there is to know about the region’s plants, birds, insects and animals. You can also learn about the cultural history and geology of the area as well as people’s relationship to the nature and their impact on it. Information about the area’s national parks and nature reserves and why we need to protect and take care of our nature can also be found here. Join us on an activity out in the nature!


Naturum Ottenby

In 1997, the visitor center building was completed in the old lighthouse village. The spacious house blends beautifully into the environment and includes a nature center with Film Theater and a restaurant with a breathtaking view.

In cooperation with the Swedish Ornithological Society (Ottenby Bird Observatory) a unique exhibition in the Visitor Centre has been created. Here you can get a fascinating insight into the life of the birds, not least when it comes to their impressive movements across the globe. How is it possible, for example, for a twelve grams heavy flycatcher to find its way from the Winter Quarter of South Africa to the nest in “Blomstermåla” where it nested last year?

Also shown is the historical treatment through the history of the land by the farmers of Öland and its importance for biodiversity today (as well as modern agriculture, of course) and thus for resting and breeding birds.

The Centre and its staff will help you to find the best hideaways on Öland, in terms of flora and fauna and other natural experiences. From the Visitor Centre also most of the guided tours assume.

In addition to the visitor center is also a restaurant “Fågel Blå” (Blue Bird), and a small lighthouse museum, a hide, a number of shelters and of course – “the highlight” on the Cape – the lighthouse “Långe Jan” (Tall Jan), who will take you almost 42 meters up in the air. At the car park are the old bird museum and the bird observatory owned and operated by the Swedish Ornithological Society.


The Lighthouse

The lighthouse “Långe Jan” (Tall Jan) was first lit November 1st 1785, after a construction period of almost two years. The lighthouse was then about 36 meters high with a diameter of about 12 meters and 197 steps to the top. “Långe Jan” is currently 41.6 meters and Sweden’s tallest lighthouse.

The lighthouse is open during the day in spring, summer and autumn (see Visitor Centre opening hours) and the view of the Baltic Sea and the southern Öland is magnificent! The visit costs 30 SEK for adults and 20 SEK for children.


Guided tours EVERY DAY, June 25th to August 7th:

(Sign up and payment at the Visitor Centre)

Naturum performs scheduled guide tours on a daily basis during the summer month, but the tours are performed in the Swedish language, this with the exception of one daily tour.

2.45 PM Birds & banding (guiding in English), come and see how it is performed.

Except from this scheduled tour in English, Guided tours in English can be performed upon request. Please contact Naturum by mail or phone to see what can be arranged. And as a comment, they usually solve most of the requests.