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Address: Campingvägen 4, 380 62 Mörbylånga
Phone: 070-574 0342
E-mail: anders@olandkitesurfers.se
Hemsida: Öland Kitesurfers
Location: Southern Öland
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Oland Kite Surfers are Öland’s largest and oldest kite school. We have organized kite courses since the summer of 2007 and are certified by KSA. This means, among other things that after completed course you receive an international certificate. A certificate can be good to have to show if you are going to rent equipment, both in Sweden and abroad.

Oland Kite Surfers is operated by Anders and Bertil who both have extensive experience in kite surfing. They have surfed around the entire island of Öland and therefore they have a good knowledge about which site is most suitable for the day.

Öland kite surfers offers rental of kite equipment after completion of the course, or if you can show KSA or IKO certificate. It is the school’s equipment from 2012 that are rented out temporary if not used for the day of the course activities.



Öland Kite Surfers offers a number of courses in which even private lessons are included so that the course can be tailored to your own needs and skills.

Our courses:

– Basic course

– Continuation

– Private Course

– Course Package with accommodation

– Kite Camp

– Companies and Groups


Wind warranty, in the unlikely situation that it’s no wind one day then you don’t pay for that day or get a refund.