Ottenby Fågelstation (Bird Observatory)

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Address: Ottenby Fågelstation 401, 380 65 Degerhamn, Sverige
Phone: 0485-661093
Hemsida: Ottenby Fågelstation (Bird Observatory)
Location: Southern Öland
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Ottenby Bird Observatory

Ottenby on the southern tip of Öland is one of Sweden’s most famous bird habitats. The bird Observatory was founded in 1946 in conjunction with the advent of our principal the Swedish Ornithological Society. Ringing of migratory birds has been conducted continuously since then and we are proud to maintain the worlds longest unbroken catch series.

At Ottenby Bird Observatory is the bird research extensive and wide. The field includes such areas as: the mysteries of bird migration, monitoring of population dynamics and the significance of birds as a reservoir of influence viruses. In addition to this, the observatory also conducts major contract research and collection of materials for external institutions.

This important activity is based on voluntary work and the income is mainly obtained from tourism through guided tours and sales. For the environmental monitoring function the observatory obtain grants from the National Environmental Protection Agency.


Guided tour & visit

Ottenby is one of the country’s most visited nature areas and a fantastic day out for all the family. Here on the southern tip of Öland you find hiking paths across vast meadows and through rich deciduous forests, all to the tune of the rich bird life and the sound from the surrounding ocean.

The lighthouse “Långe Jan” (Tall Jan) is open much of the year and in Ottenby Naturum Visitor Centre is a large, beautiful and child-friendly exhibition on nature and culture on southern Öland. The same building also houses the capes own restaurant “Fågel Blå” (Blue Bird).

The bird Observatory is located just north of the lighthouse “Långe Jan” For those who are curious about the activities at the bird observatory and would like to experience ringing of wild birds a little more hands on, there is guided tours that will let you do that.

The operations on the southern tip of Öland raise many questions and these are best answered on the spot in the middle of the beautiful and fascinating nature of Öland! Both Swedish and English speaking guide groups are available of all sizes and interest orientations.

Several different types of tours are offered by both the bird observatory and the nature center “NATURUM” (See under DO/Sports & Interests), examples of guided tours are Ringing Guidance, Research Guidance and Jubilee Guidance. See the website for info about the respective tours.


Ringing & Observations

Observations and ringing of migratory birds has since the start formed the pillars of the bird stations work. These data are recorded and the data is added daily, and various forms of analyzes are carried out regularly or as needed.


Fågel Blå Restaurant & Café

Take the opportunity to take a break from all the sights and relax with something to drink or eat.

The Fågel Blå (Blue Bird) restaurant and café is a wonderful place in the sun, sit inside or out and enjoy the day’s experiences. Fågel Blå cook everything on site, and uses only raw materials of best quality and it is given that the raw materials are organic, KRAV labeled (certified organic) and locally produced as much as possible