Segerstads Fyr

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Address: Segerstads Fyrplats 501, 380 65 Degerhamn
Phone: 070 - 966 6450
Hemsida: Segerstads Fyr
Location: Southern Öland
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The lighthouse

At the fabled Segerstads lighthouse you can rent rooms or the entire lighthouse keepers flat, for a relaxing holiday by the sea, right in the bird paradise.

If you wish, you can also get bird and nature tours, private or in groups.

The man at the Lighthouse, Christian, have a solid education from the University of Stockholm in Biology and Geology and is a devoted ornithologist, and also a licensed guide, examined by Kalmar University and the county administration. Christian’s tours focus primarily on birds and nature.

During the lighthouse’s Day, in August, when Swedish Lighthouses is shown to the public, there is also a lighthouse café for those who just want to sit down and relax in these wonderful surroundings, the coffee cup can also pop up every now and then during the rest of the season, but that will come as an extra surprise at these times.


Guided tours

Fixed scheduled tours

A decisive program of guided tours are available on the website, examples of these are:

Spring watching in nice tempo, 3 days

Nature Tours to “Öland bird mountain”, about 1.5 hours

Birds, fossils and lighthouse, about 1.5 hours

Autumn watching, in a relaxed pace, 3 days

Other shorter half-and full-day tours are also on the program

Private Guided tours

For you – you and your friends – Business – Schools – Associations

The guided tours tailored to your interests and knowledge, not only includes birds, their flight and sounds, but also fossils, landscape, history and much more, here we mix knowledge from many fields and put it all in to context, for a deeper understanding.

Examples of tours organized:

Birds and Lighthouse, Nightingale evening, Ottenby morning. The sounds at night, the list is long, but always interesting, so many comes back to continue from where they left off last time.

Contact Segerstad Fyr with your own special requests.

Hint: Give a privately guided tour as a present! Birthdays, colleagues, wedding … A different experience appreciated more than another vase or toaster by those who already “have everything”.