Skedemosse Museum

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Address: Skedemossevägen 15, 387 90 Köpingsvik, Sverige
Phone: 070-6264984
Hemsida: Skedemosse Museum
Location: Northern Öland
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The Museum

Around the time of the birth of Christ, Skedemosse was one of southern Sweden’s most important places for ritual sacrifice. Here were ritually sacrificed large amounts of animals, weapons, gold and even people – all to appease or thank the gods.

By far the most famous discovery of Skedemosse is the gold rings. The so-called “Skedemosseguldet” (the Gold of Skedemosse), has seven neck rings of pure gold with a total weight of 1.3 kg – an unimaginable wealth at that time.

At Skedemosse Museum, you will experience the exciting history of the sacrifice bog, and how life was like on the Iron Age Öland. Along with the museum there is a walking trail of 5 km that leads to the old excavation site.


Guided tours

Guided tours to the excavation site can be arranged on request. Please contact us and we will help you to arrange an exciting and interesting day at Skedemosse Farm.

The museum showes the newly produced documentary film “The Iron Age – the grand time of Öland” The film tells the story of the place of ritual sacrifice at Skedemosse, and also about other exciting places like Skäftekärr Iron Age village and the island’s many ancient fortresses.


Opening hours

Skedemosse Museum is open May-September, daily from 11 am to 5pm.



At Skedemosse Farm you will also find a B&B and a Spa, see under each heading STAY/B&B and DO/Spa & Wellness