VIDA Museum & Art Gallery

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Address: Norrbackagatan 2, 387 92 Borgholm, Sverige
Phone: 0485-774 40
Hemsida: VIDA Museum & Art Gallery
Location: Central Öland
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VIDA MUSEUM 2000 m2 of ART!


Two Exhibition halls – Three Museum halls – Great Museum Shop – Cafe/Bistro

VIDA Museum & Art Gallery, built in a fantastically beautiful place, on top of the slope down to the Kalmar Strait just north of Halltorp Gästgiveri (Inn)

The present 2000 m2 building, floats out over the slope down to the Kalmar strait, standing on its pillars and with the mighty glass facade and the large wooden deck out towards the Strait. On the 10, 000 m2 lot with a drop of ten feet rises VIDA Museum in concrete, glass, iron and wood. It’s simple and fastidious, austere, without decor, and with just simple walls and ceilings. The ceilings height is between 5 and 7 meters and do the halls large and spacious, with the fantastic light from the glass facades in the west along with the light from the window up at the ceiling.

June 24 2001 the newly-built museum and art gallery VIDA opened, featuring an art gallery

and two wings for each Ulrica Hydman-Vallien and Bertil Vallien, here are the most important works from the early 1960s up to the latest in glass, ceramics, sculpture and painting shown.

2003 VIDA was extended with a gallery, the NORTH HALL for the Rasjö collection, a large private art collection focusing on contemporary Swedish art, and ever changing exhibitions of paintings from Rasjö collection is on display here at VIDA.

On June 11, 2005, when Ulf Trotzig turned eighty, an additional gallery “TROTZIGH-ALLEN” opened. In the hall changing exhibitions are presented, with Trotzigs paintings from his fifty years-long oeuvre.

In addition to the permanent halls, so are new artists constantly presented in the exhibition halls, new artists, new themes and techniques, there is always something exciting going on at VIDA.


Museum Shop and Café

At VIDA you will find a Museum Shop with an extensive selection of particular Ulrica Hydman-Vallien and Bertil Vallien production, plus a great variety of glass objects that exist only at the VIDA Museum & Art Gallery.

In the museum shop there is also a selection of Gunilla Ponténs clothing collection with emphasis on the black.

Each year VIDA invites twenty of the country’s foremost silversmiths to exhibit under varying themes.

VIDA cafe/bistro is located between the North Hall and the Trotzig hall, with a roof terrace with a wonderful view of the Kalmar Strait. Here, you can finish the tour at VIDA with a simple meal or a good cup of coffee, indoors or on the terrace.


The Global Art Glass Triennial

From VIDA is the Global Art Glass Triennials at Borgholm Castle administered. The Triennials and VIDA Art Museum placed the regions, Öland and the famous area of Swedish glassworks in Småland called “Glasriket” (the Kingdom of Crystal), on the international glass map. The three Triennials appeared in 1999, 2002 and 2005 and the Global Art Glass will hopefully recur.