Degerhamns Guest Harbor

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Position: 5621 N, 1625 E
Chart: 713 SE
Harbor depth: 2,5 m
Guest berths: 10
Moorings: Boj/bom
organization: Degerhamns Båt- Sportfiske Klubb
Harbormaster : Anneli Hagman
Mooring fee (SEK): 120 SEK
Phone: 076-852 2286
Homepage: Degerhamns Guest Harbor
Disability friendly
Location: Southern Öland
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Harbor on the west coast of Öland in the southern Kalmar strait. The Guest harbor lies in a protected area in the inner part of the harbor.

In the area: Getlinge burial ground, one of Ölands’s largest, 3 km. The world heritage on Southern Öland, listed on UN/UNESCO’s list of world heritage. The area, which is over 140,000 acres, about one-third of Öland’s surface, is a living cultural landscape.

Carl V. Linnaeus geological garden, maritime museum, hiking trails with rest huts.


Tjänst Status Tjänst Status
Disability friendly Restaurant 100 m
Marine service station Kiosk 1 km
Boatyard Cafe 1 km
Lanching ramp Pub/Bar 100 m
Boat hoist Provisions 1 km
Mast hoist Liquor shop omb, 1 km
Boat accessories Doctor 20 km, Mörbylånga
Engine service Dentist 20 k, Mörbylånga
Sailmakers Veterinary 40 km, Färjestaden
Parking Pharmacy omb, 1 km
Caravan Stopovers Bank 1 km
Fresh water ATM
Toilets Post 1 km
Dusch Turistbyrå
Sauna Bus/Train/Ferry B, 1 km
Laundry Petrol 1 km
Power outlet Diesel 1 km
Waste disposal LPG 11 km
Toilet disposal Septic suction
Internet WIFI/Hotspot Beach