Kårehamn Guest Harbor

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Position: 5657 N , 1654 E
Chart: 81
Harbor depth: 3-4 m
Guest berths: 20
Moorings: Ankare/Långsides
organization: Borgholms Kommun
Harbormaster : Stefan Milsten
Mooring fee (SEK): 150 SEK, el 40 SEK
Phone: 070-873 1341, 0485-732 17 bost
Homepage: Kårehamn Guest Harbor
Disability friendly
Location: Northern Öland
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Fishing port on the east coast of Öland. One of Ölands calmest and finest harbors, well protected by the island “Kåreholm” just outside the harbor. The Island “Kåreholm” is well known for its rich bird life.

In the harbor: Well-stocked fish shop with seafood that they also serve in the harbor, of course with a suitable list of beverages to also.

See “Kårehamns Fisk & Havskök” in: EAT/Restaurants

Bus t/fr Borgholm.


Tjänst Status Tjänst Status
Disability friendly Restaurant I hamnen
Marine service station Kiosk
Boatyard Cafe I hamnen
Lanching ramp Pub/Bar I hamnen
Boat hoist Provisions 15 kilometer, Köpingsvik
Mast hoist Liquor shop
Boat accessories Doctor 20 km, Borgholm
Engine service Dentist 20 km, Borgholm
Sailmakers Veterinary 20 km, Borgholm
Parking Pharmacy 20 km, Borgholm
Caravan Stopovers Bank 20 km, Borgholm
Fresh water ATM 20 km, Borgholm
Toilets Post 20 km, Borgholm
Dusch Turistbyrå 20 km, Borgholm
Sauna Bus/Train/Ferry B, 4 km
Laundry Petrol 11 km, Stacketorp
Power outlet Diesel 11 km, Stacketorp
Waste disposal LPG 15 km, Köpingsvik
Toilet disposal Septic suction
Internet WIFI/Hotspot Beach