“Öland Spirar” (Sprouts) 2024!

May 9th – 12th

The event that opens the doors to the spring on Öland.

For the 12th year, The Öland’s Harvest Festival organize Öland Sprouts; an event that opens the doors to the spring on Öland. Visitors will be offered activities around the island associated with gardens and outdoor life.

This year, Oland Sprouts is the second weekend in May.

The theme for the weekend is garden, nature and rural life, and across the island of Öland visitors are offered activities in this spirit. Shop, eat well and discover the sights on an island dressed in its most beautiful spring colors. Art, music and literature are cultural elements that will spice your stay.

Just when Öland is at one of its most beautiful seasons, with orchids and birdsong, we invite you to a weekend filled with relaxation and inspiration. Öland with its natural values in the landscape, such as the World Heritage in the south of Öland, meadows and the coastlines, experiences you will not find elsewhere.

Öland’s Harvest Festival welcomes you

to yet another spring with

Öland Sprouts!

Öland Spirar 2018 Öland

Lite om vad som händer på Öland Spirar

fågelvägen-Öland Spirar Öland

The Bird Route on southeastern Öland

Come and see all activities along the Bird route on southeastern Öland.

Every village and businesses organize their own activities during Öland Sprouts.

Along the Bird route you will find Guided walks, Village walks and Bird walks.

Here you will be served spring soup and many cafe’s activities will be open.

So along the Bird route there will be many activities, activities for all ages.

Look at their facebook page for info, (in Swedish only) Fågelsafarin.

A short Geology class for all at Gillberga quarry

Geologist Jan Mikaelsson talks about “Fuming volcanoes and exciting octopuses.” Together the group will experiment with volcanoes and search for fossils and exciting stones.

This year’s program in the quarry is not set yet, so keep an eye at the website for more info when it comes.

But one thing for sure, there is always exciting things happening in Gillberga Quarries!

Gillberga-Stenbrott- Öland Spirar Öland

Stuga på Öland Öland spirar

Garden Centres on Öland

During the Öland Sprout weekend, Garden Centre’s offers special arrangement with lectures, try on activities for children and adults, exhibitors, and a select assortment.

Guided tours during Öland Sprouts

”Ölandsguiderna” (Öland guides) takes you out to the nature and culture of Öland. If you want to know more about the “Alvar”, fishing, fortresses, birds, geology, churches, orchids, rune stones, or Authors of Öland? Or would you like to visit places that are difficult to find on your own? Means of transportation? Well all kinds, Hiking, Biking, Car or Buss, it’s all up to you. ”Ölandsguiderna” will be happy to take you there, and in a variety of languages.

The full program for the event is not fixed yet, but one thing is certain, Öland will be buzzing with activities, from the light houses “Långe Jan” (Tall Jan) in the south to “Långe Erik” (Tall Erik) in the north, there will be something for everyone when Öland reveals itself in all its glory and splendour at the “Öland Spirar”.

Let us invite you to a burgeoning experience on Öland that will fill your senses!

Öland, the island of the Sun, the Tastes and the Senses

Come and enjoy the feast!

For more info about “Öland Spirar”

see Öland Spirar Homepage (In Swedish only)

Photo: Tommie Skoog