Ölands Skördefest (Öland Harvest Festival) 2024

September 25th – 29th

Öland Harvest Festival celebrates 27 year, and that will be celebrated big! So start planning already now for your trip to Sweden’s largest Harvest festival. It will be something really extra!

In the spring Öland sprouts, we sow and prepares the foundation for all the good food that Öland is so famous for. Then we start with a big party, this celebration we call Öland Sprouts, here we show gardens, farms, farm shops, restaurants who eagerly awaits the primeurs and not least all our artists that with the famouse light of Öland portrays our island and everything that happens here, there’s a reason why Öland is called the “Nordic Provence”.

Now, in the fall, we celebrate our harvests, all those crops that taste so wonderful, that is the basis for the pantry of Öland, from which all our great restaurateurs botanize and create their amazing dishes.

At the harvest festival the artists of Öland opens their studios, this during the art night which is now two nights, Friday and Saturday. Then you can visit the artists in their own environment and look at everything that they created. In addition, all Ölands craftsmen and producers of Ölandic products also exhibit in the villages at the harvest festival.

It is no wonder that people come from far away, just to get a taste of, and access to, all that Öland can produce.


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Eriksöre Bygata

900 events

Öland Harvest Festival features over 900 different events and activities from south to north. At the Harvest Festival, the Öland village of the year will be inaugurated, the golden pumpkin presented, press, radio and TV are in place, all the attention is directed to Öland. The villages on the island of Öland exhibits and displays everything they have in the arts, crafts, farming, fishing and food: Here, you can taste all the products of Öland, wander around the villages of Öland and just enjoy all the wonderful products of Öland.

In short, this is a feast to remember.

Welcome to Öland, the “Nordic Provence”!

The Island of the Sun, the Taste and the Senses.

More information and the full program and program guide (only in Swedish) can be read at the Harvest Festival homepage.





Ölands Skördefest Utställare