Restaurants, Crafts, Bath and Boats

In the port of Färjestaden has Ölands new Riviera begun to take shape this summer, here are restaurants growing up side by side, the alternatives increases and the murmur equally so. Here you find food, ice cream and chocolate in many varieties, the sun is shining and life is good.

The restaurants are numerous and the offers large, here is always something for everyone, whatever you like or prefer, whether you are hungry or just out for a little snack, here every desire is fulfilled. Here will your stomach and taste buds be pampered

Cafe in the harbour, Farjestaden Oland Sweden

Lotta & Mary ceramics, Farjestaden Oland Sweden

But the soul then, the soul does not go hungry here either, here are arts and crafts as well, here’s “Lotta & Mary” with their wonderful pottery, “Lilla Galleriet” with stylish design based on expressions from Öland, and last but not least “Homleboden” with its subtle expression in painting, concrete, ceramics and jewelry.

Well that was the soul and the stomach, but what do we do with the body then? No problem, we go for sunbathing on the pier for a while or on the sandy beach next door, enjoying the warmth of the sun, take a swim, looking out at the kite surfers, perhaps with a bit jealous eyes, because who would not want to be out there as they are, it just looks so cool.

On the other side of the square is the harbor, here comes constantly new sailboats in for the day, and occasionally a motorboat for that matter, all have one thing in common. They want to come here at least one day to enjoy, eat and relax in one of Ölands new and exciting marinas, a given stop on their voyage.

Guest Harbour, Farjestaden Oland Sweden

Beach in Farjestaden Oland Sweden

Then comes the evening, the scenario changes, the body have got all the sun and bath required for a day, at least the grown ups, the children still plays at the beach. The restaurants live up again, now with the troubadours in the warm summer evening; the music makes its entrance into our minds and its time to feed the ears too.

People sitting at outdoor Restaurants and cafés, talking, eating, socializing and listening to the music. Some stroll around the harbor and watch the boats and just enjoys, how nice is not the summer evening on Öland, especially when there’s a place like this.

Performers at the cafes and restaurants, Farjestaden Oland Sweden

Guest Harbour staircase, Farjestaden Oland Sweden

On Thursdays, the next event makes its entrance, then the vintage cars comes here to display all the beauties of yesteryear. A given event, to walk around and look at all these beauties from the past, when the sheet metal, the paint and the chrome was not something that was saved on.

Färjestadens port has become Ölands new Riviera, here comes also the residents of Kalmar with the ferry, the ferry that goes from port to port, Kalmar, Färjestaden, to take part of this and spend a relaxing day here, with bath, food, arts and crafts or just to stroll around for a while.

Activities and facilities at the harbor in Färjestaden

Restaurants and cafés:

Cafe Hamnplan

Sea Salt Kitchen

Ölands choklad

Humleboden Art Cafe

Kaj 4



Lotta & Mary

Lottas extra


Bath and activities:

The pier and its surroundings

Talluddens with swimming pool and restaurant, mini golf and adventure golf

In addition, Färjestadens guest harbor and events like vintage cars on Thursdays.

Olands riviera, Farjestaden Sweden

The Pier, Farjestaden Harbour Oland Sweden

On the bench in the harbour, Farjestaden Oland Sweden