The Island of the Sun, the Taste and the Senses.

For some 6,000 years ago the human hand put the first seed in the Öland soil. The agricultural landscape was born, the landscape that from the air looks like a quilt of arable land, field besides field besides field. Barley and rye completely dominated at first. Today, what’s grown can be likened to a colorful smorgasbord, constantly changing, growing, and always fresh.

Potatoes and wheat to man, corn and grain to the cattle.

The vegetables are not only green but also red, brown, yellow and striped. Onions, leeks, yellow beets, candy beets, beans, beetroots, turnips, cabbage, kohlrabi and broccoli thrive in the warm soil of Öland.

Bean crisps from Oland

On Öland, the Island of the sun, the tastes and the senses, are also grown garlic, canola, peas, asparagus, strawberries, pumpkins, carrots, corn, dill, wax beans, turnips, string beans, cabbage, kohlrabi and green beans. Buckthorn and Grapes adds that little extra to the useful range.

Rapeseed oil from Oland

Beetroot from Oland

On Öland beer is produced. On Öland wine is produced. On Öland whiskey is made. On Öland cheese is curdled. Farm shops are offering locally produced meats and strings of vegetables, berries, pickles, jams. You can buy fish in the harbors or fish yourself – or be lazy and enjoy food and drink on the island’s many taverns, bars, patisseries and cafes.

 sauce pan on limestone wall on Oland

Asparagus from Oland

Bon appétit!

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By Visitolands Guest Reporter: Staffan Lagerstöm

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