Öland, The Nordic Provence

It is no wonder that there is so much art on Öland. No other province has proportionately so many artists in their population. Öland is the Island of the painters, the graphics and the crafts.

The surrounding coastline and the free horizon, rarely disturbed by forest or land, bathed in a glow not unlike the famous “Skagen” Light. Here, the colors flourish in the sun, but also pulls back and fade into the mist and fog – and in the hour of dusk and moonlight.

“Vida museum”, Öland’s School of Art and “Capellagården” are familiar concepts. “Majrundan”,

“Södra Ölands Konstrunda” (Southern Öland Art tour) and “Norra Ölands Konstnärsgille” (Northern Öland Artist Guild) is just a small selection from the plethora of artistic experiences, art walks and exhibitions, organized or in free form, that can be experienced on Öland.

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Öland – the Sun and the Artists promised island.

Don Quijote, By Annika Lund

Don Quijote, By Annika Lund

By Visitolands Guest Reporter: Staffan Lagerstöm

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