Resplus (travelplus) interconnects a large part of the Swedish public transport systems. With a Resplus ticket you combined long-distance, regional, local and commuter rail, express buses, regional buses, city and local buses, metro, tram and ferries on the same ticket.


SJ is the largest train operator in Sweden, with direct train connections to Kalmar from, among others, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Copenhagen and Växjo

Tel: 0771-75 75 75


Trains to Kalmar from Copenhagen with stop in Malmö, Lund and Växjö among others. Fixed prices. Runs with a train every hour throughout the day, slightly less on weekends.

Tel: 0771-77 77 11


Bus services on Öland run by KLT as Rural Bus that goes on schedule and definite lines. Further more KLT runs commuter traffic on Öland with predetermined routes but where you have to call in advance and order the trip. See KLT for further info on routes and timetables.
KLT’s lines are all cashless.


Direct buses all year round, between Öland and Stockholm City Terminal, with two trips daily in each direction. Silver line has 11 stops on Öland, from Färjestaden to Böda in the north, plus a stop in Kalmar. The easy, convenient and cheap way to travel between Stockholm and Öland.

Tel: 0485 – 261 11


Sweden’s largest express bus company that operates routes to Kalmar from the Stockholm, Malmö, Linköping, Jönköping, Örebro, Oslo and Copenhagen.

Tel: 0771-218 218


Kalmar Öland Airport is the region’s largest airport, with about 200 000 passengers per year and 7000 departures. The airport operates both regular and charter flights, daily regular flights to Stockholm (Bromma and Arlanda).

Tel: 0480-45 90 00


The small and local airline with the big heart. Large route network in Sweden through its partners in Sverigeflyggruppen (Sweden flight team). Quick and easy from Kalmar to Bromma (Stockholm city airport), and further, if you like.

Tel: 0900 – 20 50 100