Birgittas Matbod

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Address: Röhällavägen 65, 386 95 Färjestaden
Phone: 0485-373 12
Hemsida: Birgittas Matbod
Location: Central Öland
Regional matkultur
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Birgittas Matbod (Foodstall)

Birgittas Matbod (Foodstall) is a family business located on Öland and operated for ten years by the family Tunhov.

In their own kitchen in a newly built modern premises, the family produce tomato jam, pickled tomatoes, different kinds of flavored honey from Oland, Öland chutney and toast mustard from recipes developed by Birgitta Tunhov, which the family continues to manage after her death.

The raw material to their products is as far as possible, taken from Oland.

Birgittas longstanding efforts to share her extensive knowledge of food guarantees that all products from Birgittas food store will give the customers a genuine feeling of Öland!



All products from Birgittas Matbod are manufactured in their own production facility on Öland, where hygiene and quality are top priority.

Marmalade, honey, toast the mustard, pickled tomatoes and Ölandic chutney is dispensed in jars after preparation, in a closed system from Boiling pans all the way to the jar.

Only the best ingredients are used to their products, grown as much as possible locally on Öland. The many hours of sunshine, the lime-rich soil and mild climate contributes to the healthy and special flavors.



Tomato Marmalade

toast Mustard

candied tomatoes

Öland Chutney

Honey with elderflower & champagne

Honey with Lemon

Honey with punch

Honey with Wild Strawberries, New!

Swedish liquid leaf honey with walnuts

Strawberry Jam with roses

Delicacy Ketchup

Barbecue sauce

honey glaze

Harvest Salsa, New!

On the homepage you can find tips, advice and recipes for the products.



Birgittas Matbods products are only sold through dealers, there is no shop at the farm, but there is over 250 dealers spread across the country, see the website for a dealer near you, if you cant find a dealer close to you, please send an email and ask.