Ölands Kvalitetsprodukter AB

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Address: Bårby 205, 380 62 Mörbylånga
E-mail: info@olands-kvalitetsprodukter.se
Hemsida: Ölands Kvalitetsprodukter AB
Location: Southern Öland
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Ölands kvalitetsprodukter AB is based on cooperation between two farms, both are located in the Mörbylånga Valley, the center of the World Heritage Site – Southern Öland agricultural landscape.

One of the farms is located in Mysinge, a few kilometers east of Mörbylånga. The farm is run by Gunnar and Tony Åhlund, focusing on beef production. On the arable land is cultivated mainly food to the animals on the farm, with an extent of approx. 297 acres. Animal stables can accommodate approx. 450 cattle in varying sizes. The farm also care about. 717 acres of natural grassland on the great “Alvar” (the unique and typical moor of Öland).

The second farm is located in Beteby few miles south of Mörbylånga, run by Emanuel Olsson and is fully focused on crop production. In the current situation is grown mainly winter wheat and winter oilseed rape at approx. 173 acres of arable land.

Our idea with Ölands kvalitetsprodukter AB is primarily to produce environmentally friendly, tasty and carefully hung and tenderized meat. The animals to be marketed under our brand are reared in bright stables with fresh air and resting areas with halm for pleasant upbringing. They will also be holding the pastures open during the grazing season. In the cold season, they always have free access to food and fresh water.



Meat box with various parts, the price is 125 SEK / kg incl. VAT, and each box contains about 10 kg. Everything is boneless

Apart from the meat box, specific parts such as, roast beef, minced meat, entrecote, files, etc is also available, this is at favorable prices per kilogram. See website for details.


Opening hours

Mon-Fri: from 1 pm to 5.30 pm, Sat: 10 am – 3 pm. Other times by arrangement.


In addition to its own sales at the farms, they are direct suppliers to local shops, restaurants and manufacturers on Öland.