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Address: Industrigatan 2, 38632 Färjestaden
Phone: 076-844 67 75
E-mail: info@bonchips.se
Hemsida: Öländska Bönchips
Location: Central Öland
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-Vegetariska rätter -Glutenfria alternativ -Laktosfria alternativ
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How it all started …

The year was 2002. Ulf and Maryanne Wahlquist had for many years run a vegetarian restaurant and catering. One day they started to experiment with bush beans and the idea was to make falafel, but instead, it became the world’s first crisps of bush beans. Read more about the story behind the bean crisps on the website! (only in Swedish)


About the crisps

Small chips with large content

The bean crisps from Öland are made from organic beans. The crisps contain little fewer calories and more protein and fiber than other crisps. The crisps have a good nutritional value and are a source of magnesium, zinc and iron, well suited as a snack, between meals and why not after a good run in the park.


No additives

Only authentic spices and sea salt are used. The crisps are free from gluten and milk, and contain no artificial flavours or colours!


The production

The crisps are manufactured with care from organically grown beans in our factory in Färjestaden on Öland. In the summer 2012 we got a new packaging machine which allows us to produce more crisps and with a longer shelf life, at least 6 months. The color of the crisps can vary with the seasons. The seasoning is uneven because its done by hand and no additives are being used in the process..


Nature values and the environment

Bush beans have been grown on Öland for a long time. The calcareous soil and the sunny climate are ideal for cultivating beans. Cultivation of beans is resource efficient, and in addition it binds nitrogen in the soil which helps to decrease the overfertilization of the Baltic Sea. Bush beans from Öland have protected geographical indications and are protected by Slow Food. Our beans are cultivated on Öland by our farmer Daniel Andersson and family in Spjuterum.


The flavors

NATURAL, with sea salt. The children’s favorite!

HERBS, thyme scented herbal blend.

CHILI DILL, Strong chili heat with genuine dill.

TRUFFLE, Exclusive taste of truffles from Tuscany!

In addition tastes varied by the season: “Vårrus”, with flavors of rose hips, “Summer Party”, with flavors of strawberry and basil, “Höstglöd”, flavored with smoked paprika and the winter’s taste may vary.


Where can I find the crisps.


Öland All ICA food stores, Stenladan, Kalmar Öland trädgårdsprodukter, Strand Hotel, Borgholm Castle, and more are coming.

The rest of the country, dealers are spread across Sweden, and more are being added continuously, see the website for a store near you, or order yourself as below.

Private persons! You can email your order if there is no store near you. Minimum order is 5 bags and you mix flavors freely, or ask for the currant seasonal flavor, Price: SEK 100 for five bags. Free shipping if you order at least 10 bags, otherwise a shipping fee of SEK 30 will be added.

Companies! Contact Svenska Bönchips AB via email or telephone for price and delivery information, see the website for more info.