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Address: Alböke bygata 52 387 96 Köpingsvik
Phone: 0485-70120
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Location: Northern Öland

The rooms

The rooms are very nice and friendly, with space for cot in both and private entrance with toilet and shower nearby.

Breakfast, bed linen/towels and departure cleaning are included. In the rooms are games, books, Öland Magazines, maps, kettle, tea bags and instant coffee. Outside a terrace with barbecue.


Activities and surroundings

At the B&B you can rent a bike or go horseback riding. In the vicinity is; Öland fishing guide, mini zoo, camel ranch, hiking trails, bike trail, the “Alvar” (the unique and typical moor of Öland), wonderful scenery and a beautiful beach.

Now there is an opportunity for children with or without parents, to try to help on the farm. On our farm there are horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, sheep, hens and chickens.

With adult presence so we mix play with the knowledge to learn about animals and their care.

We have developed four different daily schedules with different tasks, so there is the opportunity to be here for days without having to do the same things. Suitable age is between 6 and up to 12 years. An educational adventure for the kids, we promise.




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