The new portal on Öland.

We are now launching, after much work, a new portal for Öland. We, some enthusiasts living here on Öland, with a big passion for our fantastic Island, who wants to contribute and develop the tourism on Öland, but not only that, we also want to be here for the people of Öland as well.

Visitoland, shall be a useful site, a site that you will come back to, a site that adds value. We want to tell you everything about Öland, about sports, adventures, nature, museums and of course art and artists. The accommodation and food has also a given place on our portal, there are so many places from the Hermit Hut, our fantastic Camping sites and B&B to the luxurious Hotel, and then we have the food, that come in all shapes, forms and tastes, and this not just in the restaurants and cafes, here are of course also all our farm shops, food producers and growers on Öland. On Öland you will find everything from beans to fantastic wines.

Yes, there’s a lot to tell about Öland, and that’s what we will do.



We will help to extend the season on Öland, this by showing what this wonderful Island has to offer on other times then the high season, in the summer, and this not to private persons only, but to companies also.

At Visitoland we have all the Hotels, B&B’s, Restaurants and Adventures. Through our conference department we intend to help companies in Sweden and other countries in our region, this by organizing conference packages on Öland, where accommodation, meals and activities are included into one whole program, from you arrive at the airport to the departure. Conferences where the company gets everything prepared for a successful conference at the level and with the activities of their choice, all together in one Invoice, and where the company itself can handle the logistics around the conference or we will assist in that too.

We have many new ideas and functionalities that we will be launching during the autumn, ideas and functionality that will give totally new opportunities from a portal like this.

So do we need a new Portal on Öland, since there are a few already? Yes, we think so, not that the others are bad, but we need more to show all that Öland has to offer, to develop Öland to its full potential. We would like to work together with all others here on Öland. But we also believe that by more competition, all must do that little extra, try a little bit harder and this will make this wonderful island of Öland to the winner it deserves to be, and also our visitors.


kyrka-borg-kor as you se now at the launch, is just the beginning, we have a lot of new functionality and features coming, we are trilingual from the start (Swedish, German and English) and we translate all the material ourselves, no automatic Google translation is used, it can be fun sometimes, but the result is in the long run kind of depressing, and that’s not the way we would like to meet our foreign visitors. In the next step we will add Italian and Polish, other languages will come after that., will be a National and above all an International portal, we will cooperate with many foreign sites, so that we reach out, particularly in Europe. Our goal is to reach 1.5 to 2 million visits per year on the portal, and the only way we can do that, is by being useful to our visitors. We hope that you will fined visitoland useful and that you will like our services and functionality. During our first year we will continue to launch new functions and services.


So now we have released our site out in the open for you to see and use. The development and updates is by far finished, we have a lot more coming. The continuing development and updates will be done so you all can follow it in the open, and if you have any ideas about the site or about what you would like to see here, please send us a mail to

We, who are 4 persons, have worked on a voluntary basis with this until now, we hope you’ll like what you see, and will follow us in our further development. And if you like what we done so far, then we would appreciate enormously if you would show that by clicking the like button on our Facebook page, you will find it in the sidebar here on



Öland is the Island of the Sun, the Tastes and the Senses