Rare birds

How rare birds can one see and when?

Really rare bird species is called rarities and rightly so. Though rare, usually only in our region – somewhere else in the world, they are often common.

Of the rarest guests in Sweden is there 12 species that’s only been observed on Öland. And for a large number of unusual guests is Öland accountable for the highest number of observations in the country. This makes the province one of the two best in Sweden for rarities.


Of the at least 420 bird species that have been observed on Öland are only about 150 nesting birds. Another approximately 100 species regularly pass or wintering here, which consequently means that by far the largest category of birds consists of those that cannot be said to be resident here.

Tretåig Hackspett, Lars Lundmark Fåglar ÖlandThree-toed Woodpecker, © Lars Lundmark

The highest number of rarities on Öland is seen in May, maybe not so surprising, since it is in this month in the spring the bird migration culminates. October comes next, at a time when several astray flown guests from Siberia find their way to the island.

Cettisångare, Lars Lundmark Fåglar ÖlandCetti’s Warbler, © Lars Lundmark


June is a little surprising third, before the migration month of September. The other summer months also do well. This is due in large part to the long distance  migratory wading birds have already started their autumn migration then, and that good thermal flyers like the birds of prey then can visit far from their home areas.

Ölands-fåglar-ÖOF Öland

Source: Ölands Fåglar © Ölands Ornitologiska Förening ÖOF  (authors this chapter: Anders Waldenström)

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