Culinary Heritage on Öland

Regional matkultur

The blue and white sign ”Regional Matkultur” (Culinary Heritage) is a quality and guarantee symbol of food and raw materials that have a local or regional affiliation.

You will meet the sign, inter alia, restaurants serving food made from locally sourced ingredients and which safeguards the regional food culture and further develop local food traditions.

Also Farm shops and Producers, which offer local food and vegetables of high quality, can be members of the Culinary Heritage. Participating companies are required to follow the organization’s quality standards.

Havtornsgården (Buckthorn Farm), Triberga Oland

Vegetables, Bjornhovda Oland

The purpose of the Culinary Heritage is to promote and stimulate the development of local companies in the restaurant, food industry, agriculture and fishing.

Participating companies shall have a clear regional dimension and a clear desire to brand and develop the region’s food culture.

Culinary Heritage goal is to become a quality brand for regional food in Europe.

The sign Culinary Heritage is there to help tourists, restaurant guests and customers to find locally produced, food and food traditions.

In Europe, the Organisation Culinary Heritage has approximately 1,000 members in 26 regions, a number that is constantly growing. You can find information on regions and members throughout Europe and also a large variety of regional recipes,  on https://www.culinary-heritage.

Members of Culinary Heritage Öland

See members on Öland at the website: Culinary Heritage Öland

On you will find the members under the various headings in the EAT section, where their presentation pages have the symbol of the Culinary Heritage.

Hantornsgården (Buckthorn Farm), Triberga Oland

Onion from Oland

To learn more, or register your company for regional food culture contact:

Regional Matkultur Öland

Ölands Skördefest AB

Storgatan 1

387 31 Borgholm


Tel: +46 (0)485-770 20