Hotel Skansen, Restaurant

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Address: Tingshusgatan 1, 386 30 Färjestaden, Sverige
Phone: 0485-30530
Fax: 0485-34804
Hemsida: Hotel Skansen, Restaurant
Location: Central Öland
Regional matkultur
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Life is a feast!

At Skansen on Öland, they make each new day to a special event. One example is the luxurious champagne served at bargain prices – every night of the week. At Skansen, celebration and joy is a natural part of everyday life.

A large and varied menu, guarantees that everyone will find their own favorites, and for the children there is, of course, a menu especially for them.

For lunch, classical Swedish dishes are served, but you can also find some newer and lighter dishes on the lunch menu.

For the dinner you will find a cuisine based on small and local producers, this in combination with an international cuisine. A specialty is the typical dish “kroppkakor” from Öland, (potato-dumplings with a filling of onion and pork or bacon). This is a dish everyone should try, we promise you a pleasant surprise!

At Skansen the food & beverages as well as the homely restaurant creates a memorable dining experience


Sweden’s largest Whisky Cellar!

Hotel Skansen restaurateur Stefan Norén was one of the driving forces behind the Association” The Long Island Whisky Society”, which was founded September 9th 2004.

Today, Skansen Hotel holds the largest whiskey cellar in Sweden with over 1100 varieties of whiskey, a figure that is constantly rising.

Hotel Skansen is a respected name in the whiskey circles and has received the award “The Great Whisky Bars of the World”, among the whiskey taverns the equivalent of the coveted stars in the Michelin Guide, and in 2005, Hotel Skansen received the award “Sweden’s best whiskey tavern” of the Swedish Whisky Association.

At Skansen, you can go for whiskey tastings, lectures, or organize your own party.
You can even get to fill your own bottle, and then write your own name and date for the bottling on the bottle label.



Nice and relaxing bar with a wide selection of drinks and separate bar menu.



Bistro with a separatebistro menu


Outdoor seating

In the summer The Restaurant, Bistro and Bar also serves at the Hotels outdoor seating. Beautifully located, facing the hotel park.


Opening Hours:

The kitchen is open every day from:
11.30 am to 9 pm (June-August at least to 10 pm)

The dining rooms and bar is open at least one hour after the kitchen closes.

For reservations call: 0485-30530