Stora Frögården, Restaurang

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Address: Stora Frögården 4, 380 62 Mörbylånga
Phone: 0485 - 363 33
Hemsida: Stora Frögården, Restaurang
Location: Southern Öland
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Food and pleasure for all senses.

The Restaurant

Our restaurant is open from May to September and other times for larger groups.

Welcome to the hostel and restaurant on the seafront, with a wonderful location right at the sea and a beach. Here can you that stay at Stora Frögården get a good breakfast, snack and dinner. The table is set for classic tastes of Öland touch. The restaurant, with outdoor seating is open to all, and is focused on locally produced ingredients and a varied menu. The goal is to use as much locally grown and locally produced ingredients as possible in the food that we serve.

After dinner you can relax with a bit of card games, backgammon and maybe take a drink from the bar. Other times of the year we arrange dinner on request and we are happy to arrange parties, weddings and conferences.

Here at Stora Frögården, we set high standards for ourselves. It is for us to portray the mood, the product and its handling, room, and meeting.

You, as our guest, are of course set in the high seat. Eat well, drink well, and have a relaxing break, alone, just the two of you, your family or workmates. Here there is room for everyone.

We are eager to meet your requirements and add value to your visit with us by means of food and meals. It is just the impossible that may take a little longer.

We want to make your visit with us as rich as possible. So ladies and gentlemen, please take your seat for an evening of good food and drink.


Welcome to a relaxing break at Stora Frögården.

Anne & Peter