08. Halltorps hage

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Address: EKERUMSVÄGEN 31, 387 92 Borgholm
Location: Central Öland
GPS: 56.79447, 16.56657

Halltorps hage

No other area in Sweden is home to so many rare organisms as Halltorps hage with its surroundings. Within a 5 x 5 km large area, including the nature reserve, there is 17 percent of all Swedish red listed species, including many vascular plants, lichens, and especially insects.

The unique beetle great Capricorn beetle has here, it’s only North European presence on the centuries-old and dying oaks. Halltorps hage represents a unique remnant of the open grazed coastal broad leaf forest that, when Linnaeus visited the island in 1741, was covering major western areas of central and southern Öland, but which today has largely been cultivated or built on.

Only here in Halltorps hage are still elements of the former broad leaf wooded meadows and the really old broad crowned oaks.

The bird choir is rich in May and June, and there are species such as Stock Dove, Collared Flycatcher, Hawfinches and Wood Warbler.

Right at the entrance to Ekerums campsite is a car park. Northeast of it is a clearly marked trail into the reserve.



Around eight kilometres north of Glömminge, turn off at the sign for Halltorps hage and continue for just over a kilometre. Parking is available at Ekerumsbadet and on route 136. The reserve has several different walking trails, one of which is also suitable for disabled people.

GPS coordinates to the parking lot WGS 84 decimal (lat, long): 56.79447 , 16.56657

Halltorps Hage

© Lantmäteriverket, Ur Geografiska Sverigedata, översiktskartan Dnr. 106-2004/188”


Slideshow pictures: Blue Tit © MT, Common Firecrest © MT, Collared Flycatcher © LL, Stock Dove © LL, Hawfinch © JL

JL: Jan Larsson, LL: Lars Lundmark, MT: Markus Tallroth

Source: Ölands Fåglar © Ölands Ornitologiska Förening ÖOF  (authors this chapter: Pav Johnsson)

Translation: Visitoland.com

The book: Ölands Fåglar, 496 pages (only in Swedish), can be ordered at Naturbokhandeln
ISBN: 9789188124555

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