09. Stora rör

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Address: Stora Rörsvägen 47, 386 95 Färjestaden
Location: Central Öland
GPS: 56.75651, 16.52815

Stora rör

Stora rör’s harbour area is the premier site of western Öland for sea bird migration and thus is a place to visit mainly during the spring and autumn.

In the harbor area there are many parking lots and at the waterfront is a newly built platform with a roof to seek shelter under. Since the Kalmar strait is narrowest here, only three kilometers, and even though the sea birds migration path goes past in a comfortable binoculars distance, spotting scopes are recommended for this type of birding.

The Common Eider predominate during the first half of the spring season, but here passes, many other seabirds, such as geese, ducks, loons, grebes, waders, skuas, gulls, terns and auks.

The fall season starts already during the summer when the eider males, terns and waders begin to move southward, and during September-November other sea bird are following. For most species, more are seen in the fall then in the spring.



Slideshow pictures: Common Sandpiper © LL, Common Gull © LL, Red-necked Grebe © LL, Common Shelduck © LL, Red-throated Diver © LL, Great Skua © LL

LL: Lars Lundmark

Source: Ölands Fåglar © Ölands Ornitologiska Förening ÖOF  (authors this chapter: Pav Johnsson)

Translation: Visitoland.com

The book: Ölands Fåglar, 496 pages (only in Swedish), can be ordered at Naturbokhandeln
ISBN: 9789188124555

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