10. Södra utmossen at Lenstad village

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Address: Lenstad 102, 386 93 Färjestaden
Location: Southern Öland
GPS: 56.61011, 16.55911

Södra utmossen at Lenstad village

At the border between Mittlandsskogen (forest) and the “Stora alvar” (the unique and typical moor of Öland) is “Södra utmossen”, sometimes also called “Lenstad mosse” (mosse = wetland or swamp). This wetland has before, like so many others on the island, been drained and has unfortunately also suffered unsuccessful restorations.

More recently, Ölands Ornitologiska Förening (Ornithological Society), ÖOF, with the help of state subsidies tried to recreate parts of the bog by smoothing the surfaces, clear away the brushwood and haul away excavated earth mounds.

“Södera utmossen” is, more than anything else, a breeding habitat for wetland birds, and during a visit in spring or summer can dabbling ducks, snipes, birds of prey and, in some years, black terns be seen.

In Lenstad village is a parking lot next to the road from which you can access the wetland on foot.


Slideshow pictures: Bar-tailed Godwit © LL, Corncrake © JL, European Honey-buzzard © MT, Red-crested Pochard © LL, Black Tern © LL

JL: Jan Larsson, LL: Lars Lundmark, MT: Markus Tallroth

Source: Ölands Fåglar © Ölands Ornitologiska Förening ÖOF  (authors this chapter: Pav Johnsson)

Translation: Visitoland.com

The book: Ölands Fåglar, 496 pages (only in Swedish), can be ordered at Naturbokhandeln
ISBN: 9789188124555

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