15. Penåsa

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Address: Kastlösa Alvargata, 380 62 Mörbylånga, Sverige
Location: Southern Öland
GPS: 56.44319, 16.46541


An alternative to experience the Alvar at Möckelmossen is to turn eastward just south of the church in Kastlösa,. After two kilometers on the graveled road is a parking lot near the abandoned village Penåsa.

From here you can walk on the old railway embankment to the southeast through a pine forest and out on the alvar. From the elevated embankment, after about two kilometers, scout south to the Stentagskärret (wetland/swamp) where the black terns nest some years.

The area is also one of the better to see the golden plover. For those who can’t or will not go so far is also the Alvar ground near the parking lot interesting, with nesting Öland specialties like barred warbler and Montagu’s harrier. In the grove rest occasionally interesting small birds, so a morning visit in late spring or autumn is also recommended.


Slideshow pictures: Gyrfalcon © OF, Whinchat © OF, Ortolan Bunting © MT, Sanderling © OF, Pallid Harrier © OF

OF: Ottenby Fågelstation, MT Markus Tallroth

Source: Ölands Fåglar © Ölands Ornitologiska Förening ÖOF  (authors this chapter: Pav Johnsson)

Translation: Visitoland.com

The book: Ölands Fåglar, 496 pages (only in Swedish), can be ordered at Naturbokhandeln
ISBN: 9789188124555

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