16. Görans dämme

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Address: Hulterstad 121, 380 62 Mörbylånga
Location: Southern Öland
GPS: 56.44618, 16.58252

Görans dämme

Görans dämme (dam) is named after the farmer who in 2004 took the initiative to restore this coastal wetland, which, like so many other Öland wetlands had previously been drained.

Now here is open water areas over which the black terns flutters in the summer, and where dabbling ducks and waders have returned to. A platform has been built to facilitate birding.

Görans dämme is located just inside the coast at Hulterstads beach and is signposted from the main road in the village.


Slideshow pictures: Common Pochard © LL, Ruddy Shelduck © LL, Purple Sandpiper © OF, Curlew Sandpiper © MT, Kentish Plover © OF

LL: Lars Lundmark, MT: Markus Tallroth, OF: Ottenby Fågelstation

Source: Ölands Fåglar © Ölands Ornitologiska Förening ÖOF  (authors this chapter: Pav Johnsson)

Translation: Visitoland.com

The book: Ölands Fåglar, 496 pages (only in Swedish), can be ordered at Naturbokhandeln
ISBN: 9789188124555

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