Kårehamns fisk & havskök

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Address: Kårehamnsvägen 81, 387 96 Köpingsvik, Sverige
Phone: 0485 - 66 55 17
E-mail: isaksson_tomas@telia.com
Hemsida: Kårehamns fisk & havskök
Location: Northern Öland
Regional matkultur
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-Sprit/vin/öl -Catering
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All that the sea offers

fish & sea kitchen

In the picturesque fishing village Kårehamn, on North East coast of Öland, where the vast Alvar (the unique and typical moor of Öland) meets the Baltic Sea, you will find our fully stocked fish shop.

Here is the ice beds filled with delicious seafood, fresh from the sea or carefully prepared in our kitchen. You can enjoy the delicacies directly with us out on the dock accompanied by the sea gull’s cry and the seas quietly anthem, or take it with you and cook yourself at home. If you choose to stay and eat with us, we have suitable beverages to enjoy to the meal.


Buy fish at counter and borrow our grill out on the pier.

We have serving directly on the quay, fully licensed and a menu of wonderful sandwiches, pies, smoked seafood, just to name a few. We also cook also and prepared food to go. Fresh fish is wonderful to grill! Buy something from the fish counter and borrow our grill out on the pier.


Music evening

In the summer, Öland and Kårehamn is full of life, and we are open every day to the late evening, throughout the summer. Every week it happens something extra, such as live music and seafood chills in the evening, cold beer or a refreshing glass of white wine to it, the harbor is always filled with life and movement.


Catering – seafood is always a success.

Planning celebrations, special events or conferences? Please contact us so we can help you with the most important of all – the food! Whether you want a buffet or finished dishes, we have plenty of ideas and suggestions. Shellfish Chills, herring platter, smoked delicacies, smorgasbord, – the seafood is always a success! If you are interested in a comprehensive arrangement with party in Kårehamns harbor we can, depending on the season, be able to help with that also.


Let also the eye rejoice.

In the old boathouse opposite Kårehamns Fish shop you will find local art. Come in and watch! It’s a great feeling to walk around in the historic boathouse environment and let the eye rejoice, exhibitions throughout the summer.



Tomas and Eva